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Law: For Teachers

Service for teaching

Library services for teaching are twofold:

  • Information specialists provide instructions in information searches and information use,
  • and the library offers diverse materials for use as course material, supplementary material, and sources. 

Introductions are available for instructors, both individuals and groups. Each RU School has a liaison librarian who specializes in information in the academic field of that School and strives to offer its faculty the best possible service.


Book an information specialist for a class when students are about to start work on projects

In consultation with the instructor, the information specialist creates an instructional package that is customized for the project in question. The coverage includes how to conduct information searches in key databases in the respective academic field and cite sources according to the standard in question if requested.

- Book your information specialist, Kristína Benedikz via email

Please see the service for teaching guide for further information about booking an information specialist to a class.

Information specialist