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Research and teaching

Project and thesis work

Book an information specialist for a class when students are about to start work on projects

In consultation with the instructor, the information specialist puts together an instructional package that is customized for the project in question. The coverage includes how to conduct information searches in key databases in the respective academic field and how to cite sources according to the standard in question if requested.

For more information about booking an information specialist for your class, see your study guide

Skemman is the online institutional repository of Icelandic university libraries where electronic copies of final theses of undergraduate and masters students are stored. According to resolutions of the Curriculum Council and Executive Board of RU, all final theses shall be stored in Skemman and it is recommended that they be open unless they contain confidential information.


Turn-it-In is a plagiarism detection software that universities in Iceland have taken into use. The software compares texts with a database that is built into the system and returns a comparison report. Students can make use of the software when working on assignments and receive training in working with sources, preparing references, and citing sources. Instructors can use the software as an aid to detect possible plagiarism.

Citing sources

Citing of sources according to a citation standard

Information specialists have compiled, translated into Icelandic, and localised instructions and example collections for the main citation standards used at RU.

  • APA – Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, a popular citation standard in the humanities and social sciences, as well as in various physical sciences. The standard is used, for example, in the School of Business and in Sports Science in the School of Science and Engineering.
  •  OSCOLA  The Oxford University Standard for Citation of Legal Authorities, a citation standard in law. The standard is used in the School of Law.
  • IEEE – Citation standard of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, widely used in technology and engineering fields.