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Computer science: Standards


Accessibility to standards:
HR students and teachers can request temporary reading access to standards.
About 53,000 valid standards are now available in the Icelandic Standards register. It contains standards from the international organizations ISO and IEC, the European organizations CEN and CENELEC, Nordic standards under the banner of INSTA and special Icelandic and translated standards from the Icelandic Standards Council.

The Standards Index is part of the Standards Council's online store, where you can search for standards by numbers, subject words, ICS categories and individual technical committees.

To request access, send an email to and specify the following:

  • Teacher Name:
  • Course in question:
  • Duration for which access is requested (end date):
  • Number of students:
  • Overview of the standards to which access is requested: (e.g. ISO 9001 - Icelandic translation, ISO 27001, etc.)

Teachers are sent access information in the form of a username and password which they share with the group.
Students themselves can request access to standards in the same way.

Internship at Icelandic Standards (IST)

About internships at the Icelandic Standards (IST):
The Icelandic Standards (IST) is the national standards body of Iceland. It offers students an internship that can be tailored to the students' needs. The subjects of the standards are diverse and therefore it is possible to connect them to studies in all subjects.

An internship at the Standards Council gives students an advantage in the labor market, where there is little standard-related education in this country. The Standards Council has good access to experts from foreign standards organizations that could be useful in this regard as well. For more information click here.