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Service and the library: Rules

Library rules


  • Library services are primarily for students and staff at Reykjavik University.
  • Please show other guests courtesy and respect the library as a place of quiet study.
  • Green areas are for being social, taking phone calls and eating food.
  • Yellow areas are for quiet studying and group work. Light snacks are allowed and cups with lids on them. Phones should be on silent and headphones should not make outside noise.
  • Red areas are for complete silence. No conversations. No food is allowed and all drinks should have lids. Phones should be silent and have no vibration. Headphones should not make outside noise.
  • Use your phones outside the library.
  • Food is not allowed in the library, but beverages in lidded containers are.
  • Guests may use their computers in the reading rooms.
  • Headphones are available from the library desk.
  • Please note that study spaces in the library cannot be reserved apart from group rooms.  
  • Library staff is authorized to clear spaces left unused for more than an hour. Everything left on the desks will be removed when the library opens at 8 am.
  • Please contribute to a clean library and place your clutter in the bins when you leave.